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This music is innocent of the attention economy. Pre-internet, that is. Produced by MPLS legend Matt Wilson.

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Bidding War EP by Steel Shank

ascap. bohunk junk songs.

Songs written by Matty Schindler

Vocals by Matty Schindler, Shawn Grider, and Chris Pavlich

Guitar Matty Schindler, Drums Shawn Grider, bass Chris Pavlich

Listen to "This is a Song (Not a Rung)" a lost outtake from Steel Shank, recorded circa 1997

Featuring Randy Broughten on pedal steel, recorded to 1" analog tape at Albatross Studios with Mike Wisti at the controls of the 8-track recorder. Written by Matty Schindler, aka Faux Jean. BohunkJunk Songs (ASCAP.) Grinder played drums and sang back-up vocals, PAV played bass and also sang BeeVees, Faux Jean played guitars and sang lead, and Mike Wisti played the Vox Continental.


This is a Song (Not a Rung)

This was recorded by Steel Shank for the follow up to their "Bidding War EP," but this track did not make it onto the final release.

Here's a photo of the lads playing a live in-store at Go Discs in Arlington VA, circa 1997.

Steel Shank plays a live in-store at Go Discs in Arlington, VA 1997

Grinder, left, PAV, center, and Faux Jean right.


Steel Shank in the bathroom where Noiseland had their offices on Central Ave. in NE Mpls.

late picture of the shank of steel

leopard skin pill box hat.

This track was found in a WAV format on an old mac that was collecting dust in Faux Jean's dream APT in Wisconsin.

How it got there is anyone's guess.

Most likely it was somehow dubbed from cassette and then ganked over to a digital format somewhere along the way.

I added some Amplitude and Compression before loading this up to the web. The player above has the song available as Mp3 and OGG, and your browser will determine which is best. If you would like to hear this as a WAV file, press "play" on the media player below.


Faux Jean